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Corporate Responsibility

Policy – Slavery and Human Trafficking


Modern Slavery Statement 2018


In the determination of Gravich, Inc. Beyond all our effectiveness products. We also pay close attention to all side effects in every step of our work. This is part of the organization’s strategic plan. From the beginning of its founding which contains part of the working policy and is what is know our social responsibility.


Do not use illegal materials.

We do not promote the use of prohibited materials contrary to the law in any case. Although our all product are effectiveness but all of our formulas ,even in experiments. we never used raw materials that are dangerous or against the law. not using raw materials that may have side effects on humans. It is important that we hold on from the chapter of the concept.


Valuable Resources

Starting from the concept of using valuable resources. In every our product to our ten million customers must use environmentally friendly packaging. Can be easily brought back into the recycling process and is accepted by European standards. It also includes where we and the network of producers in our other territories. Must jointly maintain policies to save unnecessary resources and be environmentally friendly for communities or cities In that territories.


Do not animal experiments

We do not support animal product experiments in any case. Although the world has more modern technology but we still see images that have tested products with animals. 
There are also some countries. that needs to be tested with the animal first therefore able to register the product in that country. 
So we hold that We have no need to test our products with animals. In present times Which is an era in which technology is advancing. 

Which includes the importance of choosing raw materials used in formulas From our suppliers which is an important raw material that has not been tested in animals.

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